The vision of our lab is twofold. We want to explore fundamental research focusing on realizing quantum behavior of macroscopic objects. Further, we want to develop novel devices for quantum technologies such as quantum-enhanced sensing.

We address these research questions with nano- and micromechanical systems. Key is that we follow different approaches to pursue this exciting research: coupling mechanical motion to light in so-called cavity optomechanical devices; using superconducting magnetic levitation as a means to reach ultra-low mechanical dissipation; and exploring embedded quantum emitters in two-dimensional materials.

Our research is interdisciplinary and brings together methods from quantum optics, quantum information, solid state physics, superconductivity, and photonics. Our group expertise spans the entire research methodology: from device simulation over device fabrication in Chalmers in-house Nanofabrication laboratory to device characterization.

Do you want to be part of our exciting journey to observe quantum behavior of macroscopic objects or to develop novel quantum sensing technologies? We are happy to talk with you and simply get in touch with us for more in depth information and a lab tour. Please have a look here. We offer Master thesis projects in our lab. Examples you can find here.

We have currently an opening for a PhD and a PostDoctoral position in the field of quantum optomechanics. These positions are part of a KAW project (running from 2023 until 2028), joining experimental and theoretical groups at Chalmers.

We are very grateful for receiving support from