Research in our lab explores the control over mechanical motion down to the quantum regime. We follow different physical approaches to pursue our research: coupling mechanical motion to light in so-called cavity optomechanical devices; using superconducting magnetic levitation as a means to reach ultra-low mechanical dissipation; and exploring embedded quantum emitters in free-standing two-dimensional materials.

Our vision is to develop quantum devices based on hybrid mechanical systems for quantum technologies such as quantum information processing or quantum-enhanced sensing. We are also interested in more fundamental questions such as exploring quantum behavior of macroscopic objects.

Our research is interdisciplinary and brings together methods from quantum optics, quantum information, solid state physics, superconductivity and photonics. Our group unites the entire research chain under one common roof: from device simulation over device fabrication in Chalmers in-house Nanofabrication laboratory to device characterization.

If you are interested to join our research group as a Master or PhD student or as a PostDoctoral researcher, please have a look here.