Group leader

Dr. Witlef Wieczorek
Assistant Professor

PhD students

Martí Gutierrez Latorre
PhD student


Sushanth Kini
PhD student

Open positions

We look for motivated and creative students, who are interested in pursuing research in a stimulating and dynamic environment. We preferably look for students with a background in physics, material science, electrical engineering or photonics, who want to do research in quantum device technology. Skills in microfabrication, device simulation, quantum optics or superconductivity are a valuable asset.

We currently have open positions for MSc projects in cavity-optomechanical devices and in superconducting levitation. This can include

  • simulation of mechanical devices
  • simulation of chip-based magnetic traps
  • small-scale experimental projects

PostDoctoral candidates, who are interested to join our group, please contact Witlef for further information.