Congrats to Dr Martí

The first PhD student form our lab graduated on Jan 26. Congrats to Martí! This PhD is well deserved. You built up the maglev experiment from scratch: from an empty lab to a Q of 10^5 of the first magnetically levitated superconducting microparticles on a chip. This is a spectacular achievement. Also, Martí received the first self-built PhD hat from our lab. We are very proud of you and wish you all the best for your future!

Wrapping up 2022

We enjoyed our end-of-the year wrap up, discussing our scientific year 2022 and looking ahead. Let me thank you all for a wonderful year. It is a great pleasure to work together with all of you. Looking forward to an exciting 2023!

Trampolines in InGaP

We finally managed to fabricate high-Q trampoline micromechanical resonators in the crystalline material InGaP. Thanks to the hard work of Sushanth, Anastasiia and Fia and the material supplied by the group of André Strittmatter from Magdeburg. You find the results here on arXiv:2211.12469 [].

The exciting journey continues towards fully integrated free-space cavity optomechanics on a chip.

Microparticles fly in the dark

Have a look at our recent work We can now levitate micrometer-sized particles in the dark fully on chip inside of a dilution refrigerator. A small step for developing a novel platform for making quantum experiments with more massive objects possible. Thanks to the hard work of the team: first and foremost Martí, Gerard and Achintya. Thanks you Thilo, who taught us how to use SQUIDs!
Please also have a look at this work from our collaborators in Vienna.