Welcome Lauren

We welcome Lauren as a new Master thesis student in our lab. Lauren will join our research activities focused on cavity optomechanics and high-Q crystalline materials for nanomechanics.

Paper published in Nano Letters

We have realized high-Q trampoline resonators in tensile-strained InGaP with a Q of 107. This is a first step towards using crystalline materials for integrated cavity optomechanics. Our work has now been published in Nano Letters, see here. Thanks for the great effort in the cleanroom and for the material growth!

An optomechanical microcavity

We have put our most recent work on the arxiv, read it here. We demonstrate a new concept to realize an optomechanical microcavity. We unite in-plane and out-of-plane light propagation to increase the optomechanical coupling strength. Wonderful teamwork between experiment and theory!