Our first flux-tunable resonators

We fabricated and characterized our first flux-tunable superconducting coplanar waveguide resonators. Congrats to Achintya! Such resonators are common in quite a lot of superconducting quantum circuit labs. We have this technology now also in our lab and will use it to interface to levitated superconducting microparticles.

Welcome Anton!

We welcome Anton in our lab. He is a Master student from Glasgow University and will join the magnetic levitation team. He will construct a passive cryogenic vibration isolation stage, which should reduce external vibrations that lead to undesired particle motion. Welcome!

Check out our new Master thesis projects!

We have exciting Master thesis projects available in experimental quantum optics in a stimulating research environment. The projects range from levitating superconductors for macroscopic quantum experiments over exploring limits of mechanical damping for building ultraprecise mechanical sensors to coupling quantum emitters in two-dimensional materials to functionalize mechanical resonators. The projects can be performed as a 30cr or 60cr project. Please come by our lab or contact Witlef to get some more information or for discussing the ideas behind the experiments. You are welcome!